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Since 1996, D’elegance Detailing has been professionally detailing all makes of cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, and marine craft. We have learned this craft through many years of training, practice, and on the job experience. D’elegance Detailing specializes in all paint codes and types. We are paint correction and protection specialists. We don’t just detail; we create art! Be the best or be nobody!

We specialize in…

Marine craft

These vessels are constantly exposed to elements that lead to coating issues. Protect your exterior with a proper detail that can enhance the visual appearance as well as protect your vessel from damage. Again I use specialized marine care products that are the very best in the marine craft care industry.

Auto / Truck

If it is a daily driver, work truck, show car/truck, or just a weekend cruiser we have a application that will suit your needs and budgets. Contact us so we can keep your vehicles looking their very best no matter what they are used for! Often times detailed vehicles sale and are worth a premium over non detailed vehicles. My details also save you money from having to get wash and wax every month. So in essence the detail often times pays for itself.


I have experience detailing many types of aircraft . We specialize in smaller passenger planes such as the Cessna C-310 or, Baron BE55, and Piper PA32. However, I have detailed larger aircraft as well.

RV / Trailers

These types of vehicles are massive and often times neglected due to how massive they are. I can make it so that keeping it clean is much easier and it will look cleaner for longer. I can also correct oxidation that has occurred this is especially prone to happening on gel coats. I can turn back the clock and coat it so that it doesn’t happen again.


Is your bike looking dull or dirty? Let me detail all the hard to reach places and remove contamination. Also I have specialized products specifically designed and engineered for motorcycles.

Services we offer

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    window tint

    We have many options to choose from. We utilize Suntek film and we have different levels of intensity, as well as both carbon and ceramic tints.

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    Clear Bra PPF

    Paint protection films are becoming more and more popular especially for front fascias being bombarded by road debris. We utilize suntek as we feel it is overall the best quality film on the market. With many years of expertise in this field we have studied and seen how all the different brands hold up and look over the years. Also dealing with the different brands we have found the overall quality in performance, look, and customer service goes to Suntek. We only carry the best for our clients. And we want to deliver the very best services.

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    Vehicle Wraps

    We can get any wrap you want and wrap any kind of material. For a better breakdown of pricing please contact us for a quote. I still highly recommend ceramic coating the wrap as they all tend to deteriorate after a couple of years no matter the brand or how it is installed.

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    Comprehensive paint inspection process

    (utilizing -PTG, special —high res LED lighting, spectrum analyzer lights, profilometer, gloss reflectance meter, and microscope).

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    Foam bath utilizing pressure sprayer

    In order to get the safest possible wash you need to create a lot of soap suds. This methodology works wonders and is the best at delivering the most soap suds.

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    Paint Decontamination

    (via clay, particulate dissolver, DA clay pad)

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    Paint correction

    This process is very comprehensive and can take weeks depending on the application. This is knows as a very skilled art. Essentially we take paint that has been scratched or faded over time and we turn it into a perfect mirror with great depth and clarity. Often times we make brand new vehicles look better!

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    Color sanding / wet sanding

    This application is apart of paint correction. However, if you want that show car wet finish often times in order to get rid of orange peel we must do this.

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    High end hand waxes

    In a world where coatings are very popular. We still do offer and utilize high end waxes. I always say nothing beats the shine and luster of a good carnauba wax. You will get more gloss units out of a carnauba typically than anything else.

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    Professional series ceramic/nano/polymer/synthetic coatings

    I offer several different professional and amateur series coatings. Due to the fact I have installed almost every single major brand that exists I can tell you which ones are best for certain applications. In my experience each brand brings something to the table and it is the professional that can steer you in the right direction.

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    Scratch removal

    Another paint correction type service that I offer that is more geared to deeper scratches and scuffs or paint transfers. Again every application is different. Please contact us for further details.

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    Paint chip repair

    I have a system that allows me to blend and level the paint that I utilize with chip repair so you do not see those unsightly bulges or uneven surfaces in the paint. Granted, it will not be 100% perfect like a respray. But it will be much better than a typical chip repair.

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    Dent or ding repair

    If you have small or bigger door dents or dings or other dents/dings on any body panel please contact us for a quote. We will be happy to fix it for you.

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    Headlight restoration

    Typically most headlight housings these days are made out of polycarbonate. These lenses fade and discolor over time making visibility dangerous. Do not let that faded lens become a liability to you and your passengers. Correct and coat your lenses today! This service may not be the cheapest. But neither is an accident.

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    (shampooing/extracting, decontamination, odor elimination, VRP dressing/protectant, Ceramic coating, leather treatment with lanolin, suede and alcantara treatments): Our interiors get bombarded with all kinds of things like UVA/UVB rays, our daily usage, oils from our skin, and any other things we choose to bring into our vehicles. Treat it today to keep it looking brilliant!

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    Glass restoration and ceramic coating

    We often times neglect our glass surfaces. Having a coating on them helps prevent from damage as well as makes weathering much easier to flow off the glass surface.

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    Wheels, tires, and calipers decontamination and coating options

    Wheels get bombarded with road grime, brake dust, and other road debris. Having them professionally coated really helps maintenance and keeping them clean a breeze! If you do not get them coated they often times lose their luster and finish within a short amount of time regardless if they are painted or bare metal.

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    Wheels curb rash/scuff repair

    If you accidentally curbed your wheels contact me so I can turn back the clock on that damage.

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    Trim restoration and coating

    Not the cheap dressing stuff all the cheap detailers use. If your VRP (vinyl rubber plastic) trim is fading contact me and I will get rid of that faded trim like it never happened. making your vehicle look brand new again.

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    Undercarriage decontamination and ceramic coating

    Usually for my concours clients. This application is usually for those who want their undercarriage looking pristine for shows.

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    Engine bay decontamination, dressing, and coating options

    I recommend everyone who has an engine bay to have it treated so that all of the engine components look their best. The application to the VRP surfaces has been known to allow them to last longer due to protecting them from the elements.

Some of the premium brands we utilize


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